Choosing the Best Site for Your Still Images

I’ve always been more textual and aural than graphic and visual, but the biggest mistake in marketing is assuming everybody thinks like you. In fact, the wisest marketing strategy, within fiscal constraints, is to “be everywhere.”

I’ve been using Flickr forever, but there are other social media sites designed specifically for the mobile device era. One is Instagram.

The key in my mind is how easily the social media site allows sharing in the WordPress-powered website, which can then push the content automatically into the most popular social media sites. Instagram allows me to embed a photo page into a blog entry. So you can access the Roger Federer picture at this link, or you can see it below, embedded.

Instagram does not allow you to create content with your PC web browser. You do it with your mobile device and its associated application. It also allows you to edit the photo.

At any rate, I’m still learning its advantages and limitations. In the meantime, if you are a Roger Federer or LeBron James fan, enjoy.

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