Use to Record Interviews Remotely

When you want to record an audio interview with a person at another location, I recommend using When you’ve created an account at this site, you will receive a number which you can distribute to the person(s) with whom you want to conduct an interview or conduct a conference call. You will also receive an access code which you would give to your call participants.

Other online applications such as Skype with 3rd-party plugins and certain smart device applications also support recordings, but I think the quality and reliability of are superior.

Starting the Conference Call

From the site’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document:

How do I setup a conference call?
Notify your participants of the date and time for your conference call. Provide them with the conference dial-in number and Meeting ID. At the scheduled time of the conference call, everyone dials in and once connected the conference call begins.

Do I need to reserve a time for the conference call?
No, there are no reservations required for this service. This conferencing service is available to you 24/7.

Recording Instructions

During the conference, the host can start recording at any time by pressing *9. The system disconnects him/her from the conference and prompts for the Subscriber PIN. If the Subscriber PIN is valid, the host is returned to the conference and all attendees are notified that the recording option has been started. To stop and save the recording, the host will press *9 again.

Download the Recordings to Your Device

When the conference call is ended, log in to the site, choose the Recordings tab, select the recording you made and download it.

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