We offer one-on-one computer training at the fee of $25 per hour, minimum two hours. The best way to start is to e-mail us a detailed description of what you need help with so that we can determine if we can provide you with the appropriate assistance and then prepare for your training so that we help you most effectively. In nearly all cases, you will receive instructions that you should execute prior to the training session so that we don’t waste any time.

We offer the following packaged courses:

  • Can’t We All Get Along? Integrating Your Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices – 1 hour
  • Using Twitter to Receive Information – 1 hour
  • Using Twitter to Provide Information – 1 hour
  • My What a Big File You Have There!: Using Torrents – 1 hour
  • Too Many Accounts, Too Many Passwords – 1 hour
  • How Do I Get Rid of All This Junk in My House? – 1 hour
  • How to Write a Blog Entry – 1 hour
  • Hey! Hey! You! You! Get Off of My Cloud! – 1 hour
  • What to Do With All the Pics & Vids on Your Camera – 1 hour
  • Podcasts: Filling Your MP3 Player with Information – 1 hour
  • I Have 8 Shelves of CDs and I Want to Hear that Music  – 1 hour
  • My Organization Needs Organization: Tools for Appointments, Contacts, Task Assignment – 1 hour

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