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Low Tech Support Tip – Label Your Cables

A client told me he could not connect to the Internet. When I arrived at the house, I saw that the ethernet cable was not plugged into his laptop. I connected the cable, rebooted the computer and, voila, Internet. Later, we unplugged everything and connected wirelessly. I did not think to figure out why he was not previously connecting wirelessly, so I that’s a mistake on my part.

But I did do this part right: I put a label on his laptop above the ethernet port, a label on the wireless router above its ethernet port and a label on the ethernet cable itself.

Repairing Mobile Devices @MyGadgetClinic

Our company helps you use your devices, but we know nothing about fixing them when you drop them in water or the screens crack. An Augusta, GA company, Gadget Clinic, claims to do that. If you have any experiences with that company, please let us know so we can recommend it to our clients.

Updated December 2, 2014:

Apparently, the Facebook Page for businesses by default enables customer reviews. I just noticed that on Help US Get Online‘s Facebook Page. Here’s the link to read reviews of Gadget Clinic.