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Put the Kibosh on #GivingTuesday E-Mails

I gave at the office. My check is in the mail. I don’t need 500 emails.

So I created a filter in Google Mail to send all e-mails with the word #GivingTuesday to the trash folder.

Delete GivingTuesday emails

For clients, I set up similar Google filters to delete e-mails from companies which continuously send marketing e-mails. You unsubscribe one day, and then the next time you make a purchase you are resubscribed. I personally use filters to route e-mails into appropriate folders.

I’m sure other e-mail providers and client e-mail programs also have similar features. Use them. They can save you aggravation.

BTW, here’s the definition of kibosh.

P.S. Within seconds of proudly publishing this blog entry, I received more Giving Tuesday e-mails. So I created a second filter using the term “Giving Tuesday”. Using the double quotes is important so you don’t delete emails where giving and Tuesday appear but are unconnected.