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How to Fix an iPhone Blank Unresponsive Screen

My mother wanted to record a selfie message on her iPhone to one of her grandchildren. The phone told her she was out of room and suggested she go to settings. She asked for my help.

I’ve installed Dropbox on her phone and set it up to automatically backup all of her photos. So I went through the photos and deleted many duplicates and moved some to a PC for storage in Flickr, which our family uses for sharing. I also decided to check out the Settings option the iPhone Camera App directed us to.

It showed applications taking up the most space. Most space was taken up by the music my mother has on her phone. However, I noticed some Apps which she never uses, so I removed them to free up space.

Then I went back to the Camera App to delete the photos I’d previously dealt with in Dropbox. When I went to Camera Roll, the screen went blank. Nothing I did seemed to get a response. I knew the phone was working, because it would ring when called, and, if I pressed the Home button, Siri would respond.

After watching this video, I learned I could reboot the phone by pressing the power and Home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

Choosing the Best Site for Your Still Images

I’ve always been more textual and aural than graphic and visual, but the biggest mistake in marketing is assuming everybody thinks like you. In fact, the wisest marketing strategy, within fiscal constraints, is to “be everywhere.” Continue reading Choosing the Best Site for Your Still Images