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We Got this Domain & Website Started for $18

Many of our clients are concerned that a web presence is too expensive for them. Our web suites are designed to cost you as little as possible.

This domain and website, helpusgetonline.com, cost us $18 through wordpress.com. If we spent $99, we would avoid advertisements. We used a free theme. Some themes cost between $30 and $150. So each of these enhancements cost some money, and there are certainly situations to use these.

This purchase also enables us to have 5 e-mail addresses associated with the domain helpusgetonline.com which can be forwarded to another e-mail address.

We created a free Google Account for Help Us Get Online, and with that we created a Twitter account and a Google+ Page. Using a personal Facebook account, we created a Facebook Page for Help Us Get Online. We also created a Gmail account with this Google Account to receive e-mail sent to the address we have printed on our promotional materials, info [at] helpusgetonline [dot] com.

So, we’re on our way to your computers and mobile devices for only $18 so far.