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Google Search Remove Outdated Content form

I use Flickr for my pictures. I had uploaded a family picture and forgotten to change its permission to “Family,” and hence, when a parent Googled herself (a wise practice), she saw that this picture was coming up in the Google search and people could access the photo. She alerted me, and I corrected the permissions in Flickr. Within a few days, the public could no longer access either the photo or the Flickr page, yet the image’s thumbnail continued to appear in the Google Search. I used the Google Search Remove Outdated Content form to request that Google remove it.



Blog About Web Content Without Improving Its Rank in Search Engines

Updated May 29, 2016: Unfortunately, this site no longer works.

Bloggers often link to content with which they disagree or hate to promote. A simple link will, however, increase the undesirable Internet content’s ranking in search engines. Use donotlink.com to create a link which won’t boost the undesirable content’s profile. Here’s the service’s FAQ which gives more info.