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Choosing the Best Site for Your Still Images

I’ve always been more textual and aural than graphic and visual, but the biggest mistake in marketing is assuming everybody thinks like you. In fact, the wisest marketing strategy, within fiscal constraints, is to “be everywhere.” Continue reading Choosing the Best Site for Your Still Images

Unfollow People Who Aren’t Tweeting

Twitter does not allow you to follow an infinite number of Tweeps, people who have Twitter accounts. So you should regularly use a service like http://untweeps.com/ to eliminate inactive Twitter accounts you are following.

Students Needed to Beta Test “Twitter Basics” Course

We’ve drafted an outline of the course Twitter Basics. We’re not sure how long it will take. So we’re recruiting test subjects. We’re shooting for 1 hour. The outline looks like it will require more than that, but we promise to stop at 1.5 hours :-). We also will request you to fill out an evaluation form, so that would take another 5 minutes.
If you indicate that you would like this, we’ll God willing send out an e-mail with the time and place and ask you to RSVP. If the time & place don’t work for you, don’t worry about that. Just decline.
This e-mail will also contain some instructions on what you should do prior to coming so that we don’t waste class time doing things that you could do on your own.
To indicate your interest in participating, contact us.
Here are the course’s objectives:

1. Learn enough about Twitter to decide if you should explore its potential for personal or business use.
2. Understand the various devices and programs through which you can use Twitter.
3. Set up a Twitter account.
4. Decide whether you want your timeline to be “protected” or “public.”
5. Edit your profile.
6. Control email and web notifications.
7. Search for information on Twitter.
8. Understand the Twitter terms follow, timeline, direct message (DM), mention, retweet (RT), modified retweet (MT), via, trending and hashtag.
9. Send a tweet with a link and a picture.
10. Understand options when your content exceeds 140 characters.
11. Understand that you can integrate Twitter with other online content, such as web sites, RSS feeds, Facebook and e-mail lists.
12. Learn various tricks to limit errors in your status updates.
13. Handling spam & abusive messages.
14. Deleting a twitter status update.
15. Pinning a twitter status update.