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Automated Sharing of Posts to LinkedIn, Tumblr & Path

I already had LinkedIn & Tumblr accounts, but I had not heard of Path. So I created a Path.com account, but I did not add any contacts. But maybe it’s the next big thing. On Tumblr, I had two blogs. It was a simple matter to create a third specifically for Help Us Get Online.

Getting WordPress to Update Google+ Pages for Businesses

The theme I use on this blog allows me to automatically update my Twitter account and Facebook page with each new blog entry I publish. I’m learning Google’s new product for businesses, Google+ Pages. I successfully updated the Help Us Get Online Page, but the privacy setting for the post was not public. I followed these instructions, and I’m hoping that this blog entry will update the page and be visible to the public.

Changing who can see your Publicized posts on Google+

After you have authorized your Google+ connection, you can change this setting by going to Settings > Manage apps & activities from within Google+.

P.S. It worked! But I had a grammatical error in the blog subject header. I’ve corrected it, but it remains where it was automatically entered into the Google+ Page.